We are proud to announce that we will host the 11th international conference on Persuasive Technologies (PT-16) at the Center for HCI in Salzburg. PT-16 will take place April 5-7 at the Center for HCI and the Edmundsburg.

The conference will bring together young and senior researchers as well as colleagues and friends from industry who are working in the field persuasive technologies. As a community we aim at enriching peoples lives in various domains by supporting their personal goals to change their behavior.

The conference theme for PT-16 is Contextual Persuasion: Supporting Life Situations and Challenges by Persuasive Design. With the conference theme for PT-16 being “Contextual Persuasion“, we emphasize the situatedness of interactions. How are interactions with persuasive technologies influenced by spatial, temporal, social, or individual conditions? How can we analyze and design for specific contexts or conditions? We will put emphasis on special target groups (e.g. children with anxiety disorders, adults with obesity, etc.) and stimulate the audience with potential technologies (e.g. platforms such as the Health Suite Digital Platform, the use of advanced sensing technologies such as NeuroSky devices, etc.).

For more information visit the conference website.