Many kids enjoy taking apart the stuff that surrounds them to figure out how things work: they break open toys, disassemble kitchen appliances and dissect animals. Embedded technology gets smaller and smaller; the digital reality gets hidden as pictures behind glass; we grow up; and we tend to forget about the intimate relationships to artefacts we create through taking them apart. The DeconstructiveInteractionsLab at  Schmiede 2016 aims to revive some of this passion by taking apart interactive technologies and deconstructing our assumptions about how technologies are supposed to behave.  At our temporary Deconstructive Interactions Lab at Schmiede 2016 we will hack plenty interactive artefacts to pieces to create tangible alternatives of how humans interact with technology.

Schmiede16: Ausnahmezustand

September 14th – 25th 2016

Application is open till May 31st.



Schmiede is a producers festival and community, a playground where our ideas come to play.

Since 2003 annually, Schmiede produces this focused collective experience far off on an island in the Austrian countryside. We provide space, time, basic tools, food, events, a heterogeneous group of participants (Smiths), guests and projects. Schmiede unites to work and connect – genre, origin, tribe, eating habits – it doesn´t matter, motivation, quality and the will to work and engage with others are the core criteria.



Schmiede received 400+ applications in 2015.  Schmiede aimes for around 300 participants a year (numbers vary according to background eg.: a musician needs more space than a graphic designer). The SchmiedeNetwork consists of around 800 producers from over 250 nations and 5 continents. The annual mix of participants is split between 60% returning participants and 40% new participants. Our Gender numbers are just about balanced.  The age distribution lies between 18 and 45, however the majority of Schmiede participants range from 20 to 35.



For ten days the Saline in Hallein becomes an open and free playground (2000m2) for 300+ digital creatives and artists from all around the world. Depending on the needs and possibilities of its members the SmithNetwork moves along the borders of art, culture, handcraft and creative industries. Schmiede ends with the SchmiedeWorkshow, a grand public exhibition, where the Smith productions of the past ten days are presented to the the public and media. Participation is decided according to current application. Application for Schmiede always ends on May 31st. And yes: Everyone needs to apply, every year.



Do you have a project in mind, but don’t have the space, people or tools to realize it?

Do you want to take time to develop yourself and your projects engulfed in a large group of peers?

Do you want to meet like minded creatives to collaborate, exchange ideas or just get inspired?

Do you want to present your project or idea in front of your peers and get feedback?

Schmiede might be the right place for you to get started or continue.



Austria, Salzburg, Hallein


SchmiedePrinciples:  NETWORK, CREATE, PRESENT


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Contact: Martin Murer