The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is, again, a proud partner of Digital Spring, the biennial Media Arts Festival hosted by ARGEKultur in partnership with subnet, the Center, and other local partners.

Next year, Digital Spring will boast the theme ‘STAND BY’: neither on, nor off, but always ready.

STAND BY describes the attention-economy of users of digital media and social networks in terms of a permanent stand-by-mode. As the device itself, the user has to work up each incoming information as fast as possible. STAND BY also tells about an almost passive human subject facing the complexity and terrific speed of technological progress. Or it sketches a scenario of an entirely modified work environment of digital capitalism. In this perspective, the individual is an always available workforce and is – due to technologization – more and more excluded from performing work him- or herself. – Theresa Serephin, Curator for Digital Spring

Open Call

We are looking for non-commercial media-art-projects within the fields of Fine Arts and Performing Arts. The projects should be designed especially for this festival and cover the motto. The concepts can be designed for a performance or an exhibition space. The festival can finance the projects with a maximum of 3.000 Euro. Co-productions are possible and preferable. Spaces, infrastructure and public relation activities are provided by the festival. The call addresses local as well as international artists and groups.

In the four weeks leading up to the Festival, the Center will host an artist residency in partnership with subnet. Artists can apply with a project matching the festival motto and they can develop it on site. A presentation of the project (state of the working process or premiere) takes place during the festival. The residency is located in the rooms of subnet and HCI, where artists get access to the infrastructure and equipment of the workplace. Additionally to production costs, the artists are provided a working budget of 1000 €.

More info about the open call and the residency — deadline for both on June 30th 2019 — can be found here (scroll down to subnetAIR residency).

Contact: Dorothé Smit