Our epistemological interest is to enhance knowledge about experiential and material use and design practices that include interactions with interactive artifacts by reflecting on the status quo and envisioning future states. Both theoretical and design work characterize our research.

Main Research Topics

  • Materials and Materiality
  • Experience and User Experience (UX)
  • Use, use practices, appropriated use, and non-use of interactive artefacts

Our theoretical work is based on empirical data of specific application areas. On one hand, we address use in various contexts, such as fabrication and human-work interaction design (HWID). On the other hand, we focus on design by researching and contributing to design processes (e.g., Research through Design).

With our work, we aim to provide theoretical and methodological framings, vocabularies, structures, approaches, and implications to inform research. Thus, we focus on basic research in the area of HCI (literally) and IxD (addressing users and/or designers).

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Research Activities