In March 2018, Alexander Mirnig attended the IARIA ComputationWorld PATTERNS 2018 conference in Barcelona, Spain.

The PATTERNS conference is an annual interdisciplinary conference and part of the larger ComputationWorld umbrella. Both academic and industry contributions are solicited and the conference covers a wide range of pattern-related topics, from pattern basics to domain specific patterns, pattern detection algorithms, and approaches.

Apart from presenting a full paper presentation titled Control Transition Interfaces in Level 3 Automated Vehicles: Four Preliminary Design Patterns from the FWF- and FNR- funded joint project MaDSAV. Alexander also participated in the panel on CONTENT/PATTERNS on the topic of Finding Essentials from Cloud-based Systems and Big Data and further resumed his role as a member of the PATTERNS steering committee.

During the Awards ceremony at the conference, Alexander was awarded the IARIA Fellowship for the scientific contributions made over the past years and his continuing involvement in the PATTERNS conference and associated media.

Contact: Alexander Mirnig