Christiane Moser was invited by the Free University of Bozen (UNIBZ) for a two day seminar (October 12th and 13th) on “Game Design with Children“. The seminar started with a talk by Christiane Moser about her PHD on “Child-centered Game Development” that was also open for students and other faculty members. Afterwards, Prof. Gabriella Dodero, Prof. Rosella Gennari, Alessandra Melonio, and Santina Torello continued the seminar with an introduction of their work on the “GaCoCo Framework” and the two large studies they ran in the last years. They also showed their new makerspace lab that will open soon. Experiences and lessons learned were shared and intensively discussed, for example, the active engagement of children in the game design and development process, innovation by children, playful learning experiences, or the quality of products developed by children. This seminar formed the basis for future collaborations between the two research institutions.