Manuel Giuliani was invited to talk about the ReMeDi project at Sonophilia. This event brings together young entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers to exchange ideas. It took place on 23 January 2016 in Salzburg.

The talk was received well and the listeners asked many interesting questions afterwards. It focussed on the Center’s work on medical robotics in ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostician). Manuel talked about the importance to study new human-robot interfaces in the context of its usage, like the teleoperated ReMeDi robot. The talk also gave details about involving the future users of the ReMeDi robot in designing the robot ‘s appearance and system capabilities.

One day after the main Sonophilia event, a small group of event attendees visited the Center for Human-Computer Interaction. They got a tour through the Center’s labs and got to know more about the research done at the Center.

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