Christiane Moser was invited to hold a two day workshop at Ubisoft Blue Byte, which took place on August 13th and 14th. From Bluebyte Mainz and Düsseldorf 35 participants from the Game Design, Art, and Coding Department, as well as Management und Producing defeated the heat and vividly participated in discussions throughout the two days.

The workshop focused on User Experience (UX) and Interaction Design (IxD) in Video Games from the perspective of HCI and game research. The main goals were 1) to build up a basic understanding of the human, the computer, and the interaction as well as the way they influence each other, and 2) to introduce user-centered design approaches and how they can be included into their daily activities of game design.

Additionally in the evening of the first day, a Game Idea Jam on the topic of ‘CrossMedia Games’ was organized and 13 participants could already try out some user-centered design approaches, in order to brainstorm game ideas and build a low-fidelity prototype.