Who are We?

The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is a research center located in Itzling, Salzburg. We are a multi-disciplinary group, with expertise ranging from Computer Science to Clinical Psychology, and from Educational Science to Interaction Design. The Center has always valued its role in education, and has had several successful Bachelor and Master students write their theses at the Center (ranging from Computer Science, and Multi Media Technology to Geo-Informatics). The Center is an international workplace (currently 7+ different nationalities). Therefore, a good command of English is necessary to effectively work at the Center. Students are encouraged, if possible, to write their theses in English as well.

The Center offers:

  • A place to work in the brand new Center for Human-Computer Interaction
  • Serious supervision of your thesis, including (bi-)weekly meetings with verbal and written feedback
  • A fully equipped workshop and electronics lab
  • A range of hardware to play with (VR/AR Lab, Car Simulator, 3D Printer, Graphics Desktop, etc.)
  • A set of young, multi-disciplinary colleagues who take work and play seriously

The projects described below are proposals and are meant to act as a guideline: we value students who come up with their own ideas, improvements and suggestions on topics.

If you are interested get in touch with Alexander Meschtscherjakov.