Within this research stream, we explore interaction possibilities which follow the principle “eyes on the road and hands on the wheel“ by introducing the Back-of-the-Steering-Wheel (BotSW) as an automotive input design space. In order to explore this design space, we follow a research through design approach. We developed a set of “explorations“, which we consider as evolutionary prototypes built to investigate the BotSW design space. We discuss this design space systematically by identifying its interaction design related properties: ring shape, rotating, not visible, supporting bimanual, and multi fingers interaction. We show possibilities of interaction at the back of the steering wheel and inspire designers to envision novel solutions to interact with the car while leaving the hands on the wheel.

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Meschtscherjakov, A., Wilfinger, D., Murer, M., Osswald, S., & Tscheligi, M. (2014). Hands-on-the-wheel: Exploring the Design Space on the Back Side of a Steering Wheel. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence 2014 https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-14112-1_24