Eléni Economidou is a Research Fellow at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction since November 2017. She has received multidisciplinary education (master degrees in Architecture from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and in Industrial Design from the Technical University of Eindhoven). She is quite keen on designing, developing and empirically investigating large-scale interactive research products embedded in the built environment. These indefinitely deployed research products make use of movement- and bodily-based interaction. Her PhD thesis scope lies within the themes of architectural interactivity, spatial experience and design fiction.She is currently pursuing research in under-construction educational establishments, primary schools and kindergartens.


Eléni Economidou, MSc., M.Arch

Center for Human-Computer Interaction

University of Salzburg
Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8 / Techno 5
5020 Salzburg, Austria

Phone: +43 662 8044 744800




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