Learning to program is a major challenge for many students. Since this skill is also becoming increasingly relevant for subjects that are not related to computer science, some students have had no previous contact with programming. The teachers have to respond to these different levels of knowledge and are faced with the task of creating and, above all, correcting suitable programming tasks.

The goal of the Austria-wide CodeAbility project is to develop a learning platform that supports students and teachers in teaching and learning programming. It is intended to standardise programming training at Austrian universities and also address the needs of beginners and students who are not familiar with computer science. By means of blended learning and learning analytics, the platform integrates into existing teaching and enables individual learning paths. In addition, it should promote networking between teachers at Austrian universities and enable the exchange of teaching material.

We ask how the learning platform must be designed in order to optimally support students in their learning process. How can motivation be strengthened and maintained throughout the semester? How can we overcome barriers to entry?

Project Website: https://codeability.uibk.ac.at

Duration: 2020 – 2024

Partners: University of Innsbruck, TU Graz, Vienna University of Technology, Johannes Kepler University Linz, University of Klagenfurt, Danube University Krems

Funding: CodeAbility is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research as part of the structural funds for higher education.


Contact: Anne Münzner