SecPatt is a NetIdee-supported project, which was realized in 2018 at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction of the University of Salzburg.

SecPatts are design patterns that help web developers and web designers to create secure web pages from the very beginning. SecPatts aim for easy access and a low entry level. How to implement SSL encryption? How do I help the user to create a secure password? There are answers to all these questions, but they are spread across a variety of sources and often require a considerable amount of prior knowledge – i.e. you need to already have knowledge of web security in order to acquire it. The project will provide directly implementable solutions in an easily accessible format. SecPatt uses the proven Patterns methodology for this. Patterns are proven solutions to recurring problems. These design solutions are made available to the public via a web page categorically sorted according to problems. For the presentation, tools of persuasive design are used.

Duration: Okt. 2017 – Feb. 2019

Project Website:

Funding: The project SecPatt is funded by the Internet foundation Austria under the netidee programme.