The Center for Human Computer Interaction is currently conducting an explorative study with driver-passenger pairs who are sitting in two different cars in order to explore novel approaches for communication and collaboration beyond the car. Thereby, we aim to support users with regards to decision-making and problem-solving tasks during a shared ride.  So far, 14 driver-passenger pairs have participated in the study, who needed to navigate together from point A to point B, whilst facing different tasks during the ride. For example,  “You notice that your fuel tank is empty and you need to stop at the next petrol station. Please make sure that the passengers in the other car understand that you need to make a stop at the next petrol station.” To solve the tasks, participants could make use of different means of communication and navigation they are already familiar with, e.g., their smart phone or navigation system.

The study aims at exploring how to overcome boundaries of communication and collaboration, i.e., negotiation during a ride between different driver-passenger pairs located in two separate cars. We target a deeper understanding of car2car negotiation and aim at identifying potential design challenges to improve communication and collaboration beyond the car and to inspire design ideas. Based on these results, first prototypes will be developed and evaluated in the car.