Practice- and user-oriented design approaches, e.g., user centered design (UCD) and participatory design (PD), have largely decided how we create innovations in IT projects that aim to create a healthy, connected and mobile ageing society. However, there still seem to be many blind spots within design methodology, which are just overlooked or taken-for-granted. For example, the way different stakeholders perceive older adults or old age may highly influence their input in the design process. This symposium is devoted to opening up space for reflections of projects from two perspectives in two separate tracks. On top of these tracks, we will have a panel discussion with Carla Simone (University of Milano-Bicocca), Hilda Tellioğlu, (Vienna University of Technology),  Ina Wagner (University of Oslo), and Volker Wulf (University of Siegen).

Track A addresses the discussion and reflection of images of age and ageing from a meta-perspective. The focus will be set on the social construction of concepts of ageing, and how these are being framed in (taken-for-granted) theories of age and ageing, from deficit- to activity-oriented stances.

Track B focuses on communication practices in UCD and PD projects. The main goal is to discuss and reflect upon notions, best practices, and recommendations for successful communication (among the design team, as well as with end-users and other stakeholders) to better address user requirements throughout the development process.

We invite scholars and practitioners with a variety of backgrounds, who share an interest these topics to submit a position paper and to take part in this symposium to share their experiences and to learn from each other. The symposium will have an open atmosphere that allows for out-of-the-box thinking. At least one author of each accepted paper is expected to attend the symposium and to present their position .

The workshop is organized in conjunction with the Austrian Institute of Technology (Markus Garschall), the University of Siegen (Claudia Müller, Dominik Hornung, Theo Hamm) and Roessingh Research and Development (Lex van Velsen).

For more details, check the workshop website or contact organizer team.