Nicole Mirnig attended the 7th International Conference on Social Robotics which was hosted from October 26th – 30th, in Paris, France.

The ICSR conferences focus on the interaction between humans and robots and the integration of robots into our society. With the conference theme “Individual Differences”, this year’s edition of the conference series again united researchers and partitioners in order to discuss the latest progress in the field of social robotics. The program featured a wide variety of latest trends in social robotics research, which were presented as talks, posters and workshops.

Nicole gave a talk on her paper “Impact of Robot Actions on Social Signals and Reaction Times in HRI Error Situations”. The paper is the second in a row of publications from the HRI group at the Center for HCI. The group focuses on researching errors in interactions with robots and using this knowledge to make robots more acceptable. This, in turn, will help improving HRI.