From March 21 to 24 2016 Alexander Mirnig attended the PATTERNS 2016 conference in Rome, Italy.

The PATTERNS conference is an annual interdisciplinary conference and part of the larger ComputationWorld umbrella. Both academic and industry contributions are solicited and the conference covers a wide range of pattern-related topics, from pattern basics to domain specific patterns, pattern detection algorithms, and approaches.

Apart from his role as a research/industry conference chair, Alexander presented the full paper Car User Experience Patterns: A Pattern Collection in Progress.

He was also a panelist on the CONTENT/PATTERNS Panel with the topic of Meaning and Semantics: Content-oriented Patterns, in which a lively and enlightening discussion on low to high level aspects and issues of patterns, content semantics, and user detection algorithms was held.


Alexander Mirnig at PATTERNS '16.
Alexander Mirnig presenting at PATTERNS ’16. © 2016 Petre Dini, IARIA
PATTERNS '16 panel
PATTERNS ’16 panel. © 2016 Petre Dini, IARIA
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