As part of wissen:stadt Salzburg, we welcomed an interested audience on Friday, May 12th in the Center for Human-Computer Interaction to raise questions, try out displays, and discuss our projects with us at our several stations.

Before we opened our doors to the public, two school classes got the chance to be part of our workshop Uncrafting – Making Things Apart, where they explored electronic tools and gadgets from the inside in order to do basic mechanical and technological research.

After the workshops, we welcomed guests to try the interactive Haptic Seat – See with your Back, where a modified car seat augments your perception so you can feel cars approaching from behind, in order to develop and discuss future scenarios and the role of humans in production environments of Factory Work of the Future, as well as Future Visions of Aging to develop Information and Communication Technologies for the improvement of quality of life.

At the robot station, the audience was asked to interact with Robots that aim to exploit humor in a way to foster enjoyable interaction with social robots. The Automotive Retail Lab, a collaboration with Porsche Holding Salzburg, presented the 3D Whiteboard model of a car showroom, aiming to optimize the car buying experience inspired by Embodied Interaction – the theory that people understand things by physically interacting with the world around them and the people in it. Additional car related research on autonomous vehicles and critical situations (e.g., when an autonomous vehicle transitions to manual driving mode in a critical situation) and much more could be explored and discussed with our project members.

Please find more information on the wissen:stadt website here.