We are co-organizing a workshop at CSCW 2016:

Collaborative Appropriation:  How Couples, Teams, Groups and Communities Adapt and Adopt Technologies

The one-day workshop will take place on the  27th of February 2016 in conjunction with the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing in San Francisco, USA.

About the Workshop
Previous workshops and papers have examined how individual users adopt and adapt technologies to meet their own local needs, by “completing design through use.” However, there has been little systematic study of how groups of people engage collaboratively in these activities. This workshop opens a discussion for these understudied forms of collaborative appropriation, using a broad range of perspectives including empirical data, design explorations, research, and critique.

Michael Muller, IBM Research
Katja Neureiter, Center for HCI,  Department of Computer Science, University of Salzburg
Nervo Verdezoto, Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
Alina Krischkowsky, Center for HCI,  Department of Computer Science, University of Salzburg
Anna Maria Al Zubaidi-Polli, Department of Human-Centered-Computing at the University of Applied Science
Manfred Tscheligi, Center for HCI,  Department of Computer Science, University of Salzburg