On basis of thoughtful and inspiring discussions with workshop attendees at the European conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW’15) about drivers for technology appropriation – we are very happy to further explore this topic in a dedicated focus section on technology appropriation in the IxD&A Journal to be published this summer.

Our focus section is about *Experiences of Technology Appropriation: Unanticipated Users, Usage, Circumstances, and Design* and is organized by Alina and Manfred together with Nervo Verdezoto from Aarhus University (Denmark) and Michael Muller from IBM Research (USA).

With this focus section we aim at further exploring how technology appropriation is used by people to satisfy their communication needs. We argue that it is critical to identify ‘unexpected’ communication needs, to better account for them when designing interactive systems. Thereby, a variety of contexts may be of relevance ranging from private settings (e.g., home) or semi-public spaces (e.g., art galleries) to strictly regulated environments (e.g., production lines or health- and emergency contexts) in which appropriation may be considered as a ‘critical’ matter.

We invite researchers and practitioners to deeper explore on the drivers (e.g., unanticipated users, usage, circumstances or others) for technology appropriation but also on the challenges, opportunities, lessons learned, and theoretical insights that emerge when researching technology appropriation to satisfy communication needs. This will broaden the scope of IxD&A and HCI research towards a more holistic understanding of the appropriation phenomenon.

If you are interested to submit, please consider the following dates:
* Deadline: May 15, 2016
* Notification to authors: June 20, 2016
* Camera ready manuscripts: July 20, 2016
* Publication of the special issue: mid September, 2016

For more detailed information about this focus section, the submission procedure as well as the full call for papers, please visit the IxD&A website.

We look very much forward to your submission and in case you have any further questions, please contact Alina!