Car User Experience (UX) Patterns are a systematic way to best practices and solutions to reoccurring problems in automotive human-computer interaction.  Within these patterns we combine industry knowledge, the experience of experts and empirical data. Due to their highly structured and problem-oriented nature, these patterns are a means to put scientific knowledge into practice, which also facilitates communication between scientists and industry stakeholders. They are abstract enough to make generalizations, but detailed enough to contain practical solutions.

The Car UX Patterns are generated in a multi-step process. First, problems are identified by industry stakeholders, where patterns might be useful to solve these problems. Second, an initial set of patterns is generated by pattern experts. They are then evaluated, first through a scientific lens, then with a focus from industry.This pattern generation approach will help us translating scientific knowledge into easily understandable solutions for practitioners.

Although they contain state-of-the-art knowledge, our CAR UX Patterns are presented in an easily understandable, unambiguous way. They can be accessed quickly and the contained knowledge is captured without greater effort. In the future, a full collection of patterns will be implemented and presented as an online database.

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