Anna joined the Center in November 2019 as a junior researcher. She holds a bachelor degree in Sociology, finalized with two theses on “Terrorism in Egypt and its medial representation” and “Trust in the state and the opinion about its intervention measures “. She used both qualitative research – comparison of newspaper articles using the method of critical discourse analysis and quantitative methods – comparing regression models. Anna is currently finalizing her master degree with a thesis on concepts of justice in application to health, attempting an empirical implementation of the capability approach (multilevel analysis with respect to EU-countries). At the Center, she is supporting the SAAM project in quantitative and qualitative evaluation of ambient and assisted living systems. Anna is interested in research methods, inequality research, justice theories, health care systems, quality of life and cross-country analysis.
Academic career:
  • October 2017 – June 2019: Teaching assistant at the Department of Sociology (University of Salzburg)
  • March – June 2016: Tutor for statistics at the Department of Sociology (University of Salzburg)


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