In the course of the FFG Ideas Lab 4.0, the exploratory project KITKA (“Artificial Intelligence – Transparency through a catalogue-based platform for Austria”) was developed which involves the scientific partners Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – Global Sales and Marketing and Center for Human-Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg) as well as the industry partner ONTEC AG.

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have great potential for Austrian companies. However, many companies do not yet fully exploit this potential. A lack of trust in and knowledge about these systems are major barriers to their adequate use.

The overall goal of the project KITKA is therefore to increase the transparency of AI systems developed in Austria. In order to achieve this goal, the interdisciplinary project team will develop a catalogue of criteria and validate them with the help of other experts. These criteria will enable a holistic description and evaluation of AI systems. This means that besides a technical description of the systems, other perspectives (e.g. ethics, sociology, economy, psychology, data protection and HCI) will be considered. Within the one-year project, ten AI systems used or offered in Austria will be selected and described according to the catalogue of criteria. In addition, a platform will be conceptualized in order to present this information appropriately and to make it available to interested companies and the society in the future. The long-term vision of the KITKA team is to provide an open-access platform, which includes a large number of AI application examples from Austria.

Duration: 03/2020 – 02/2021

Funding: The project KITKA, financed by the FFG, has emerged from the Ideas Lab 4.0 with the question “How can we design AI systems or their algorithms in the most trustworthy way possible, taking into account ethical principles, so that Austrian companies accept them, and recognize and exploit their potential?”

Partners: Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – Global Sales and Marketing, ONTEC AG