MMAssist II is a national flagship project funded through the FFG and its Production of the future call series. The consortium consists of 25 partners from industry and academia. The project is coordinated by PROFACTOR GmbH and the scientific lead is with the Center for HCI.

The goal of MMAssist II is to explore the fundamentals and characteristics of assistance in production contexts. Based on this, optimized assistance systems for future work places focused on the human worker („Human-Centered Workplace“) will be developed, implemented and evaluated in industrial environments. Basis for the implementation are so called „Assistance Units“ – which are modular components for assistance systems. Assistance Units are defined in a way that they can be applied to different application contexts. The partners will implement a software framework with which Assistance Units can be dynamically configured to act as assistance system for a given application.

Duration: 05/2017 – 04/2020

Project Website:

Our role: As scientific lead, the Center for HCI is responsible for coordinating the scientific activities between all partners. As experts in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, we are responsible for detecting, investigating and monitoring the user requirements of the developed assistance systems. Intensive user studies in real-world shop floor environments will be performed to ensure the developed system meets the needs of the targeted user groups. Over the project duration, we will be also responsible for tracking the human-centered implementation through evaluating the developed prototypes in the lab and in the field.

Funding: FFG, Produktion der Zukunf, bmvit

MMAssist II (FFG No. 858623) is part of the program “Produktion der Zukunft” that is operated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG. The financial support by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology is gratefully acknowledged.