This project is a joint effort by the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg), Josef Rehrl School in Salzburg, Salzburg Wohnbau, and Salzburg AG. 

A new school building for the Josef Rehrl School is currently being built, whereby the Salzburg Wohnbau GmbH is responsible for the entire building project. The Josef Rehrl School is an inclusive school, with classes of both hearing and hearing impaired (ranging from reduced hearing capabilities to deaf) pupils. The Josef Rehrl School is one of the few schools in Austria where Austrian Sign Language is taught as a compulsory subject.

Research Objectives

Within this project, we research new technological opportunities to address the  specific – educational, personal, and physical – needs of pupils and teachers. Therefore, the architecture of the new school building itself, as well as the educational specificities of the school, are considered as intervention opportunities and materials alike. Constructive design research, as well as participatory approaches to involve all stakeholders, are key characteristics of this project. Technological interventions aside, we focus on four (oftentimes shared) spaces of the school as sites for technological support:

  • Musik[raum] – the music room
  • Turn[saal] – the gym
  • Schnitt[stelle] – the entrance hall
  • Medien[reich] – the library

Long-Term Research Objectives

In a long run we aim to broaden the scope also towards other contexts and user groups based on the perspective of diversity-centered [archi|tech|ture]. We envision our insights gathered throughout the ongoing project with pupils and teachers from the Josef Rehrl School to be beneficial to explore further opportunities of a symbiosis between humans, technology, and architecture.


Duration: 2017 – 2019


Center for Human-Computer Interaction

Josef Rehrl Schule

Salzburg Wohnbau

Salzburg AG