Nicole Mirnig and Gerald Stollnberger attended the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems which took place in Hamburg, Germany, from September 28th to October 2nd.

The theme of this year’s IROS conference was “Gateway to the Era of Robots”, following the notion of Hamburg as Germany’s “Gateway to the World”. IROS is one of the major international conferences on robotics. This year, the conference featured 970 papers which were presented in 15 parallel tracks. There were 6 plenary and 9 keynote talks covering a wide spectrum of topics around robotics, for example, lessons learned from the robotics DARPA challenge, robotic governance, robot ethics, and nano robotics.

A total of 51 workshops and tutorials were held and an exhibition showcased both, current robotics projects in the EU and leaders in the robotics industry. Nicole co-organized a workshop together with her fellow-members from the EUrobotics topic group “Standardization“. The workshop “Towards Standardized Experiments in HRI“ was well-received. The full-day event featured 11 impulse talks and 7 poster contributions about different aspects of standardization which provided an excellent basis for the hands-on sessions. In these sessions, 30 experts with varying backgrounds discussed the requirements, challenges and the potential of standardized experiments that pave the way for measurable and comparable robotic systems and solutions.

During the conference exhibition, the latest Remote Medical Diagnostician (ReMeDi) robot prototype was presented. Gerald was actively involved at the ReMeDi booth and in doing so helped to present our project achievements to the research community.