The overall scope of the Contextual Persuasion group is to explore and research the potentials of influencing individuals and groups of individuals by means of interactive technologies. We aim at understanding and designing persuasive technologies and behavior changing systems, which help users to achieve certain goals with a close tie to the context in which the persuasive intervention takes place. We invent novel and investigate the effect of contextual persuasive strategies suitable for differnet contexts from an epistemological point of view. Therby we focus on persuaison in specific contexts: automotive and fabrication. We explore the potentials of various modalities, such as light, ambient information displays, gaze, and shape changing interfaces by building and evaluating experience prototypes (i.e. multimodal persuasion).  Based on these results, we develop contextual persuasion evalaution methods to measure the persuasive effect of an interface and reflect on theoretical and ethical aspects of contextual persuasive interaction.

Our overall vision is to expand human knowledge in contextual persuasive interaction based on scientific research methods and to augment human sensorimotor capabilities.

Main Research Topics

  • Contextual Persuasive Strategies
    • Persuasive Theories
    • Gamification approaches
    • Persuasive design patterns
  • Multimodal Persuasion
    • Ambient Persuasion
    • Peripheral Attention Interfaces
    • Light interfaces
    • Shape Changing Interfaces
  • Contextual Persuasion
    • Automotive Persuasion
    • Persuasion in the factory
    • Persuasion for wellbeing
    • Public display persuasion /advertising
    • Mobile persuasion
  • Contextual Persuasion Evalaution Methods
    • Evaluating the success of persuasive technologies in specific contexts
    • Measuring long term persuasive effects

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