The human body provides a rich resource for informing and inspiring meaningful tangible and embodied interaction design. On the other hand, interactive technology provides great opportunities for studying our embodied selves. We explore sensorimotor skills and couplings to shape extended bodily perception and experience. Through reflective design, engineering, and crafting activities, we seek to understand the material qualities of novel technologies.

By designing novel interaction techniques and the required embedded technologies, we explore and study embodied interaction within a variety of fields (e.g., play, mobility, industrial applications) as well as the related design materials and practices.

Main research topics:

  • Embodied Interaction in Play
  • Tangible Interaction
  • Embodied Interaction Design Practices
  • Internet of Interfaces (IoI)
  • Proxemics and gesture-based interaction
  • Rich handheld interaction design
Contact: Martin Murer

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