From September 19-23, Alina Krischkowsky attended the European conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW) 2015 in Oslo, Norway. Together with Manfred TscheligiKatja Neureiter, Michael Muller, Anna Maria Al Zubaidi-Polli, and Nervo Verdezoto, Alina organized a one-day workshop on „Experiences of Technology Appropriation: Unanticipated Users, Usage, Circumstances, and Design“. Michael Muller and Alina were on site in Oslo to discuss with the workshop participants their experiences in regard to technology appropriation that is driven by unanticipated users, usage, circumstances, and design.

On basis of these constructive and inspiring discussions a related focus section in the IxD&A Journal is currently in preparation for summer 2016. As a follow up, the organizers (Michael Muller, Katja Neureiter, Nervo Verdezoto, Alina Krischkowsky, Anna Maria Al Zubaidi-Polli, and Manfred Tscheligi) will organize a workshop at CSCW’16, focusing on “Collaborative Appropriation: How Couples, Teams, Groups and Communities Adapt and Adopt Technologies“.