The Salzburg Center for Smart Materials is a joint project between the Department Chemistry and Physics of Materials and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg in collaboration with the research department Forest Products Technology & Timber Construction at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

The project aims to establish new links between material science and human-computer interaction. The aim is to develop new materials and make them accessible for novel interfaces and meaningful (tangible) interactions. In order to achieve this aim, the project will address the development of new (functional) hybrid materials based on sol-gel processing of biogenic and ceramic precursors and apply constructive design research to unveil the potential of those new (interactive) materials.

Based on the competences of the participating researchers and related research infrastructure, two domains will be in the focus of the project:


Module 1 is primarily focused on the creation of new materials from a chemical perspective. It addresses (functional) materials with highly specific surface areas of biogenic origin, with the aim of generating a basic understanding of the production, characterization and application potentials.

Module 2 is concerned with the application of future smart materials. It addresses functionalization of surfaces with re-active or adaptive materials, related interfaces and their possible uses. Through functional implementations as well as speculative approaches of tangible interactions, concrete visions and applications of future smart materials will be explored.


Duration: 01/2019 – 12/2022

Further Information:


Contact: Martin Murer